The project is carried out by a partnership of six partners from five European countries (Denmark, Germany, Spain, Romania and Cyprus).

Read about the partners below and meet the project managers and participants.


&LEARNING is a “social impact” company with a mission to develop, document and spread participative, motivational and innovative teaching practices. &LEARNING train and facilitates teachers in developing and perform new teaching projects, where the learners solve challenges and create value for the surrounding society while learning. A specific focus is on introducing and unfolding the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a moral compass for education. Furthermore, &LEARNING develop new teaching methods and tools that supports teachers and head masters in transforming schools into much more meaningful and educative learning environments for both learners, employees and external partners. 

In close cooperation with hundreds of educators, &LEARNING has developed the video etnographic method Peer Practice to support the identification, documentation and dissemination of good and inspirational teaching practices. Peer Practice guides teachers and other educators in video recording their own teaching practices on smartphones or tablets. Teachers show and share on these few minutes long videos what is hard to describe with words alone – the teaching situation – in combination with ‘behind the scenes’ reflections on why and when the shown practice can be useful to others. Hereby, Peer Practice makes it easy, efficient, and educative to share one’s own practice and be inspired by other teachers’ good practices. The aim is to grow a reflective, exploratory and sharing professional culture among educators that will lead to improved teaching quality and increased learning outcome for the learners.

Contact Person:

Name: Nicolai Seest


Address: Westend 18, 1661 Copenhagen V

Tel: +45 40 89 89 02


Agentur für Erwachsenen- und Weiterbildung,
Agency for Adult and Continuing Education

In 2004/05 the Government of Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxonian Adult Education Association (nbeb) established the Agency of Adult and Continuing Education (AEWB) to support the work of adult education providers in the state.

According to the Lower Saxonian Adult Education Act of 2004, the AEWB is the central service organisation for all adult education providers in Lower Saxony eligible to public co-funding by the state. It is central to the provision of staff training for adult education providers as well as responsible for quality management and consulting among its member institutions and for networking, development and innovation in the area of adult education.

AEWB has been involved in EU-funded projects since 2012, both as coordinator and partner.

Further information (in German):


Dr. Janou Glencross

+49 511 300330-333

Teaching Recruitment

Stephanie Hüllmann

+49 511 300330 328


IPF International

IPF INTERNATIONAL is a private company located in Southern Spain, specialized in management, development and implementation of training plans and an advocate of cultural events, arts, diversity and education.

The company’s main focus lies on the development of courses for adult learners, youngsters and the unemployed in order to improve, explore, and acquire new tools and skills for intercultural communication and education.

IPF INTERNATIONAL also prepares various mobility programs for teachers and students at an international level, combining language training and practical experiences, with the aim of enhancing and improving professional qualifications of young people and thus promoting their individual abilities, linguistic competencies, and developing entrepreneurial spirit.

With more than eight thousands beneficiaries through national and international projects, IPF INTERNATIONAL is proud to also transmit the cultural heritage of southern Spain through activities, which open perspectives on arts, diversity, education and culture.

We believe it is essential to encourage the project participants to improve their ability to adapt themselves to new cultures and, and most of all, to enable them to insert themselves into the labour market and we have been successful in doing so for over 20 years.

As a training center, and most importantly, as a training center located in Spain, in a country, which is suffering from the crisis in a very extreme way, one of our main aims is to prevent unemployment within our society. This is part of our success.

Contact Person:

Name: Carina Lago Gonzalez


Person in charge of the teacher recruitment:

Name: Miriam Gonzalez


Address: Calle Esperanto 8, 29007, Málaga

Tel: +34 951 632 494

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education, Cyprus

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education, Cyprus


SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd is a pioneering organisation implementing projects of social impact, particularly in the fields of adult education, entrepreneurship, employment, migrant integration and social inclusion.
SYNTHESIS, the leading organization of Cyprus in social entrepreneurship and social innovation, operates “Hub Nicosia,” a coworking space, an educational centre, and a community of organisations with cultural, environmental and social aims.

V-PAL Contact and Teacher Recruitment:

Alexis Pavlakis
00357 22252315



VIFIN is a knowledge and research centre at the Municipality of Vejle. We work to create, disseminate and mainstream good practice on integration and social development at the local, regional, national and international levels.

The Municipality established the Resource Centre for Integration (VIFIN) in 2002 to create a resource centre that collects and processes knowledge on integration of ethnic minorities and also develops and implements integration projects and activities.

Within the field of integration, VIFIN’s core competence is development of digital material for learning Danish as a second language. Over the years, our competencies have expanded and today go beyond integration and language learning, and include smart learning and pedagogical innovation with digital tools in general. We also work with projects and activities on smart city, resilience and sustainability.

VIFIN sources its funding for projects and activities from the European Union, Danish ministries and from income-generating activities. We see ourselves as a combination of resource centre, project organisation and consultancy agency.

In Vejle Municipality’s organisational structure, VIFIN is located under the Department for Education and Learning.

V-Pal Contact/Teacher Recruitment:

Anne Charlotte Petersen


As a self-sustaining, dynamic organization that is open to cooperation, our aim is to offer a wide range of formal and informal trainings to the organizations wishing to develop in the region, and also to those wishing to learn without age limits.

Our Centre guarantees the high-level mastery of skills, which are essential in most professions and life situations. Among these ‘transversal’ skills, language competences are of utmost importance. We offer language courses, from the beginner to advanced levels in effective small groups and individual lessons as well in ENGLISH, GERMAN, ROMANIAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, HUNGARIAN, and CHINESE. In addition to general language teaching, we offer the opportunity to learn business terminology and to acquire international language exam certificates.

The language skills developed systematically and with effective modern methods, enable 450-500 of our students to achieve their professional and personal goals. 

Today, people skills and abilitiesentrepreneurship skills, and management skills are considered basic requirements in a growing number of professions. Likewise, the competences that are to be acquired in our accredited courses, like the ‘Office Manager Training’ or ‘The Training of Trainers’.

Within the framework of our educational development projects we are searching for effective ways and means to prepare the region’s workforce for the rapid economic changes and encourage entrepreneurship.

During conducting training programs we seek cooperation with local businesses, institutions, non-governmental organizations, communities and local organizations. 
We also take part in education, training-related research, contribute to publications, and publishing of books as well. 

Zsófia Pál