V-PAL-project activities

During the project period, October 2018 – August 2020, the following activities will take place:

V-PAL teacher training

The partner group in V-PAL develop, plan and complete a V-PAL teacher training for 50 teachers in sharing practice via video. The training will take place online, face-to-face and at the work places (schools) of the teachers. The training will take place from October 2019 to March 2020.

Production of Peer Practice videos

The participating teachers will produce 150 Peer Practice videos in total. After the project period, they will be accessible for all in the open V-PAL Platform.

Production of the V-PAL Platform

The V-PAL Platform for sharing and discussing the Peer Practice videos will be developed and ready to test in September 2019. Participating teachers will give feedback on the V-PAL platform during the V-PAL Teacher training (from October 2019 to March 2020) and the V-PAL Platform ready for all to use from August 2020.

Development of the V-PAL Handbook

From August 2020 all teachers will be able to get instruction on how to make Peer Practice videos and use the V-PAL platform. This will be available in the V-PAL Handbook and a short video showing the process.